Zoha Khalid | Nominee for Smaller Earth Competition.

Zoha Khalid - Participant at Smaller World

With 60,000 applicants from 221 countries (that’s more countries participating with us than theOlympics and the UN), Smaller Earth has built an inspiring competition to positively impact the world.

Through a series of tasks with themes of entrepreneurship and global citizenship, applicants will compete to win the grand prize, a year-long trip to 5 continents meeting community and world leaders.On November 11, 2011 (11/11/11), Smaller Earth announced 111 finalists who are currently working on 3 tasks for judgment. From these 111, Smaller Earth will choose 12 dedicated and inspirational people to be flown to Liverpool for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March 2012, where they will compete in “The Apprentice” style challenges. The ultimate winner of the grand prize will be announced on March 18 at the closing dinner for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.


Top 111 participants are selected to compete in the Stage – 2 of YBY (3 Tasks) among 60,000 other participants from 221 countries and ZOHA KHALID from PAKISTAN is one of them.


At the moment she is competing in the next stage as a semi finalist. Se is an activist and a multi talented student from Islamabad who is striving to promote positive and better image ofPAKISTAN to the world. To know more about her visit her web page at (www.zohazeekay.wordpress.com) or join her on facebook (Zoha Khalid)


Dear PAKISTANIS , help ZOHA KHALID – A semi-finalist from PAKISTAN for the selection of Global Ambassador by SMALLER EARTH UK to reach the finals. For that you have to vote for her video. Currently she is at 7th position – to be on the top she needs 500+ votes. Spread the word and vote for her. Follow these steps…


1)Open this link http://www.facebook.com/smallerearth?sk=app_153283154778583 –
(If you haven’t liked the page then like it first to vote) –
2) write video number “44” and click vote


If the error appears of “secure browsing” the follow this step…

Go to the Top right hand corner of Facebook page is a drop down arrow – click account settings – click security – edit ‘secure browsing’ so that that is disabled (NOT enabled)


C’mon Pakistanis – Show the world that you have ability to be the ambassador of the world.

PAKISTAN ZINDABAD : Youth Magazine supprts Zoha!
Do you? Vote for her.
Help her win and be the representative of Pakistan. !!!


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