Too much foreign and Indian impact on Pakistani Culture

The foreign media has severely affected our society from the five year olds to 80 year olds.

Things have really gotten out of hand for many countries like Pakistan because of satellite and cable networks which showcase hundreds of foreign and Indian channels. These channels really affect the youth of Pakistan and bring about a negative impact on our youth.

The foreign media has severely affected our society from the five year olds to 80 year olds; everyone is thoroughly affected by it. It has been affecting our social values, customs, and traditions since ages and is still dragging us away from our roots in several ways.


Urdu is one of the richest languages and also the national language of Pakistan. Thanks to the foreign media and the oh-so-cool mentality of our youth which suggests that you’re a literate person only if you show off your American accent by talking in English, further more people have started mixing English and Urdu in their routine conversations. Most of us don’t even know the Urdu counting after 20, do we? We feel proud while conversing in English even if we’re speaking it wrong but we feel degraded and illiterate if we speak in our mother tongue. Why is that so? Not only this but thanks to Indian channels like Star Plus which have added the words like ‘abay’, ‘jija ji’, ‘sapna’, ‘chinta’, ‘raksha’ etc. to the Urdu we speak these days. Our children don’t even know the correct and proper Urdu and we call them literate?

How Indian Serials contribute:

The use of unfair means has become so common that every second person is found cheating. You think a youth like this will benefit Pakistan?

These never ending Indian Serials are one of the root causes for such an adverse impact on our culture, they exploit us in every possible way, from mentality to behavior, living standards to presentation, from our religion to our culture and traditions and the list goes on. These dramas promote their religion and customs rather than the actual story. The families are shown busy worshipping their gods and celebrating their festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Raakhi, Karva Chauth etc. And that is why events like rung parties and valentine parties are organized and celebrated in Pakistan. They try to hypnotize the audience to follow them.

How it affects us and the youth:

The actors and actresses in these dramas are and movies are seen beautifully dressed wearing heavy jewelry and make up, carrying expensive mobiles, gadgets and accessories that everyone cannot afford and dresses that portray nudity. This really fascinates our women and they try to imitate their lifestyle and living standards thus putting extra strain on the breadwinner. Whereas women in Islam are asked to stay covered and simple that is why Shalwar Kameez was made our National dress but today majority of our youth is seen walking away proudly wearing those revealing western clothes and designer brands with expensive make up. The element of shyness has gone extinct these days and bold, blunt, liberal attitude is common. Roaming around with friends of the opposite sex has become normal now and even the parents have gone comfortable with their children hugging their friends and smoking together. The girls and guys today are more concerned about their weight and body shape rather than their studies. Most of the teenagers are involved in drugs and all the wrong doings in the name of adventure. Theft has become so common and the criminal activities are at their peak thanks to the content at these channels. The attitude of children has changed drastically with their parents, being Muslims our parents hold the highest status and authority over us and we should respect them and look at them with love but today for every no, the parents have to suffer their child’s questioning, screaming, shouting, hateful language, quarrelling and not to forget “the look.” The teachings of behavior and exposure with the Mehrams and na-Mehrams are totally ignored. Co-education is preferred by the youth, the girlfriend boyfriend scene is so common, the 13 year olds are in a relationship and what not! This media has also given rise to the trend of love marriages, where cases of suicides, murders and such activities are reported when the parents disapprove of it. Dating has become ethical and divorces are increasing in our society.

How it affects our education:

The youth has simply lost all the interest in their studies. They are more aware of the lifestyles and biographies of their favorite celebrities but know nothing about the lifestyle and biography of our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and other historic personalities. They remember foolish days like Valentine’s Day and April fool’s day but they don’t remember when we celebrate the Defense day or when Pakistan became the Nuclear Power. The use of unfair means has become so common that every second person is found cheating. You think a youth like this will benefit Pakistan?

Quality of content:

Foreign and Indian movies and dramas are exhibited in Pakistan without any substantial censorship policy. Bold, open and vulgar commercials are aired on majority of Indian and foreign channels. Instead of making it stop what our media decided to do was get into a competition with them, yes, what else do these dancing and singing programs mean? Is singing and dancing our culture? Our media should try improving the quality of their content to bring about more positivity in the youth. Pakistani dramas like Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Shehr-e-Zaat etc. are model examples of what our media should produce.

Marriage ceremonies:

We live in a society where marriages are more of the show-off events, the more the merrier. A lot of money is spent to organize the most lavish Mayouns and Mehndis ever and the best is chosen for the girl’s dowry. Talking about mayoun, mehndi and dowry are these things even taught to us by Islam? Islam regards dowry as haram and instructs us to observe simple Nikah and Walima ceremonies as per one’s affordability. But these days wedding planners are hired, choreographers and DJs are called for dance and music. Youngsters can be seen going crazy to Indian tunes on Mehndis. This is certainly not what Islam teaches us. A lot of people go under debts because of these so-called Rasams. Dancing, singing, mehndi, red bridal dress and such things come from the Indian traditions, they were never a part of our Muslim traditions and they’re simply a waste of money.


It’s funny how we practice all the non-Muslim traditions and yet call ourselves the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan was created on the basis of Islam so that we could practice our religion freely but what’s the point of being independent when we do the same things as they do? Every country has its own set of customs, traditions and values, the norms and the culture are assets. We are independent and not slaves to any other country, cast or religion to follow  their ways of life. We are brave, we can bring about a change, we are the future, we have the power and we will bring about a change – because we are Pakistan!


Written by Shaiza Kiran

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