Stop criticizing start acting

The problem here in our country is that people keep on criticizing  instead of taking an action or doing. some people waste their time  finding the negative things in their surroundings. Being a residence  of Pakistan, we are responsible whatever is happening in our society.
 Society is made with people either good or bad. if you think there is something wrong with your society. just try to find the fault and remove it. instead of blaming others. everything has its positive or negative aspects as well.  I agree our country is facing so many problems like electricity, gas, unemployment and a huge list of problems are there which can never be forgotten. in  media we listen about corruption and we think every1 is corrupt from  top to bottom. have you every thought who is stealing electricity,  corruption ,robbery,killing innocents; who is doing it all?? Does our  neighboring country come to steal electricity?or ppl from america  come to mix water in milk?
 Have we analysed our-self.? how we deceive our parents by telling them  lie, what about ofc politics just to make our boss happy?  Have you ever thought about this?? can you tell yourself what this is all about? If we scrutinize ourselves, we will clearly understand this is  also corruption on an individual level and if we are doing all this  how can we criticize others.
 There are alot more positive things which we and our media are ignoring. our country look the way we want to see. the problem is not with the country its with the people. like half glass water its on you  to see the half filled or half empty. so try to be positive. stop
 criticizing if you cant do anything. if you have ability go and correct the mistake. do your part the best way you can. what others are saying is really none of your business.
Written by : Nida Haider
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