Paisa bolta hai!

In Pakistan we need money. And lot’s of it. Mainly because like USA we are a capitalist nation. We pay very few taxes, so we are responsible for our own savings. We have to save for houses, pensions, unemployment, study and weddings.

Unfortunately we don’t talk about money mostly. It is considered rude in most families to talk about money with children, no matter what their age is. We consider it a personal injury to been asked how we spent the money given to us for errands. Hisaab dena aur lena humare shaan ke khilaaf hai. This is where we are wrong. Hisaab lena aur dena is not about mistrust and pride. It about clarity and honesty.


Jab koi bacha bread le ke aata hai use hum bil aur hisaab lene ke bajae, sirf bread lelete hain. This is wrong. You can give your children money, as much as you like but tell them, itne ki bread lana aur itne rupai tumhare. We assume the children know this, but they don’t learn anything than money grows on trees and when we spend what we have more comes automatically . We need to give the Pocket money according to their age. And with pocket money we need to give them the responsibility too, also according to their age. Older children can get clothing money. Of course all this is with accountability. It is their money, but they are still your children so your rules still apply.


We need to start talking about money to our loved ones. Give account to your husband when you have gone shopping so he knows where his hard earned money is being spent. Ask hisaab to your son when he goes shopping for you. Tell your parents about your dreams and aspirations, so they can help you accomplish them, by saving for your study. Tell your husband what birthdays and events are coming up, so your husband knows he needs to provide enough money for a gift. Etc. Talk about money to your wife in front of your children , not just in private. Not just when you don’t have money, but also when you do have money. Talk about what you will be saving it for and what you will be spending it on.

Spending money is not just about needs, it is about choices and responsibility too! Your family needs to understand this. Is liye kehti hoon ke paisa bolta hai!

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