Bas bohot ho gaya!

In Pakistan talk is cheap. People just talk and talk and talk, to no avail. In our society talking is a great pastime, be it about politics, our relatives or anything else. No one gives a second thought to what they are saying  and why. In all the chitter chatter of life we forget that words have great power.In Pakistan we just don’t know when to stop. Bas bole jaate hain, bagair limit ke.

For example mera beta gets a bad grade for math. Most likely the conversation will be like this:

Me: Kyon?

Him: Well I didn’t understand the questions. Etc.

Me: If you had started sooner with your home work. And worked harder or asked help…etc…etc. 

Then it’s like a snowball becoming a lawine. You always do this, tum taal te rehte ho, you will never become anything good and live like a pauper, your kids will die of hunger.etc. etc. 

Do we really think ONE bad grade will have this much effect? Well I am glad it doesn’t work that way, or the great in this world would never have become this great!

So what is if we stop in time. Let the snowball be just that a snowball. And use it to hit the target. Say I  want you to concentrate on math more.  Next day when he comes from school help him with math. Every day just 5 minutes. Reward him for getting good grades, instead of being on his case for 1 bad grade.

Parents are meant to be the support in a childs life. Our job is to encourage them to do better and to tell them (honestly and kindly) dekho yeh tumhare bass ki cheez nahin, and that’s ok. You are much better at……Not everyone is born alike yet we are all talented in our own way.

Everything in life grows with attention. So this ramadan start your day by thanking Allah for all he has bestowed you with. Naming all and everything that is important to you!

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A Pakistani born and raised in Holland, she is the writer of the Holland Diary blog. She takes pride in her Pakistani heritage and is blessed to have an Islamic upbringing. She looks to change Pakistani thinking and actions so that someday our Pakistan will become the Pakistan that Allama Iqbal envisioned, one small step at a time.