Baaton hi baaton mein!


Baaton hi baaton mein!





In Pakistan talk is cheap. People just talk and talk and talk, to no avail. In our society talking is a great pastime, be it about politics, our relatives or anything else. No one gives a second thought to what they are saying  and why. In all the chitter chatter of life we forget that words have great power. But often times words render us powerless.


We love to play word games. Ishaaron mein kabhi mazaaq, to kabhi tanz. Kabhi attack to kabhi defense. We think we know best and all others are too dumb to answer. But instead of winning a verbal debate with this behavior, we end up doing more damage than we can imagine.


We hurt people we love in this game. So much even that 25 years after you spoke those words, someone might recall them and cry! Or even worse: how often have we heard of a youngster committing suicide because of verbal abuse by their parents or  teacher.  Socho your words can even take a life!

But your words can also Make a life. If what you say is positive, honest and genuine. Yaad hai woh waqt,  when you were 8 and your father said proudly: mera beta to bohot kitabein parta hai, he just loves books.  Didn’t it make you love books ( even more)?

When you start saying mere pyare bete before sending him for an errand, not only will you see him grow, but so will your love for him! Words not only express our feelings, they create and enhance them too! Start by being kind in speaking about your loved ones aur dekho woh kya kehte hain! But most importantly say kind things about yourself, tum bhi apne hoji!

Our prophet is welknown for his soft and kind speech.This ramadan speak of good in others, and in Islam, to baaton hi baaton mein dunya aur aakhirat dono ban sakti hain.



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