Baat mein wazan hai!

In Pakistan talk is cheap. People just talk and talk and talk, to no avail. In our society talking is a great pastime, be it about politics, our relatives or anything else.


No one gives a second thought to what they are saying  and why. In all the chitter chatter of life we forget that words have great power. Quran mein zeer zabar ka farq bhi lafz badal deta hai, aur ek lafz se ayat ka matlab!.


Magar we don’t give a second thought about hum kya, kab aur kyon keh rahein hain.  The one who shouts loudest is right. Well in life usually the most quiet people are right more often, because the actually think about they are going to say, before opening their mouths.


Our azeem prophet was very kind and wise in all his sayings. He told us to think about talking, weighing every word we choose ons three scales: truth, kindness and necessary. Is what I am saying true, is it kind and is it necessary for me to say it (now, or ever)?


Agar in sab baaton ke tarazu mein hamari baat rakhi yae to, hamara baat mein kitna wazan hai?  So this ramadan tool ke bolo!



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About Proud Pakistani

A Pakistani born and raised in Holland, she is the writer of the Holland Diary blog. She takes pride in her Pakistani heritage and is blessed to have an Islamic upbringing. She looks to change Pakistani thinking and actions so that someday our Pakistan will become the Pakistan that Allama Iqbal envisioned, one small step at a time.