Pakistan Zindabad Youth Magazine is a web based Youth Magazine aimed to support and promote Pakistani youth talent. Pakistan is a nation with a wealth of talented, very capable youth and we are out to promote each and every one of you!

 Our beautiful nation has been blessed with gifted people who deserve to be recognized. From singers to scientists; poets to writers; debaters to philosophers… we have it all. This is just one of the ways which we hope to improve the image of our nation, because it is our heaven, our paradise and our home!

 Pakistan Zindabad also takes pride in showcasing to you Pakistan’s underprivileged children who surpass all expectations and are our bright future of tomorrow. As well, we bring to you with utmost delight the talents showcased by the physically and mentally challenged youth of our nation. Together we can change our tomorrow.

 You have it and we want to know about it! Keep sending in your share of talent and we will definitely showcase it to the world. Pakistan Zindabad is committed to showing the world that Pakistan’s Got Talent!

 In an effort to constantly improve ourselves, we always welcome comments and suggestions to better our magazine/website. We thank you for your support and dedication.

Pakistan Zindabad!


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