Say something

O, my dear mother

Say something—-!

Speak up—–!

How long will you pretend

To be sleeping, under the bier;

I am hungry, get up and cook,

Give me something to eat;

How long will you sleep like this

Come on; wake up now, please,

I’m starving; I won’t talk to you,

I’ll wail, cry, moan and be cranky;

What’s wrong with you?

Say something, speak up

Why do you look so unrelated?

You don’t smell the same

Like you did, before the home collapsed;

Why do you give unpleasant smell?

What type of smell is this?

Say something———!

How long will you pretend

To be sleeping, under the bier;

 Get up and cook, I’m hungry,

Give me something to eat;

It’s so cold, wrap  a blanket around me

Why are you annoyed with me?

Speak up————–

Say something———-

Written by Noor Muhammad on 8th october 2005 earthquake, Translated by Mrs tanveer rauf
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