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If you are regularly visiting our blog and following Pakistan Zindabad Youth Blog then you definitely know about its reach and impact on the Pakistani Online audience.

Pakistanzindabad.pk is now giving you a chance to speak to the huge audience by writing a guest post on our blog. You can cover any topic related Pakistan .For instance, you can write on the following topics:

  • Pakistani Youth Achievements
  • Why Pakistani Youth Should Stand up Against Social injustice
  • Too much foreign/Indian Impact on Pakistani Culture
  • What’s The Root Cause of Extremism in our Society.
  • Role of websites to promote New artist & Talent
  • Role of Youth in Promoting Positive image of Pakistan
  • Is internet piracy good or bad ?
  • How to promote Underground Musicians and new talent etc.
  • Also you can review New Music Albums , Videos & Songs.

Guidelines :

  • You can either Suggest Solution for any Issue .
  • You can Promote Upcoming Singers/Photographers/Dancer/Writer/Artist .
  • There is no specific word limit, however your contributions should have at least two(2) or more paragraphs of text.
  • You are free to express your views & opinions through your writing but abusive language will not be allowed here.
  • You are not allowed to copy-paste from any other website & post it here , if you are copying something give proper credits to that source with a link to that webpage.
  • Please ensure that your content is non-political , Critisizing or favoring any political party/individual will be not appreciated and such articles/poems/comics will be either edit or removed from the blog
  • If you are running your own blog, you can give the link of it at the end of your article. (it would help get more exposure for your blog)

What are the Benefits?

Pakistanzindabad.pk is getting:

120,000+ Visits/month,
1,270,788+ Page views weekly.
656,613+ fans on Facebook
600+ Daily Email Subscribers

So, you won’t be talking to walls

You can change the mindsets of our site visitors & readers (by your writing) which mostly includes Youth and Article Readers.

Our blog is also being visited by many newspapers editors & writers, so if you write something unique & worth reading there is a chance that you can be contacted to write for any widely published newspaper.(highly recommended if you want to take it as a profession or part-time job)

If you are interested please send us your following info:

Your full name
Your Email Address or Contact No.
Topics you are interested in
A short paragraph of 3-4 lines describing yourself

Send your above required information at the email address admin@pakistanzindabad.pk .

About the Author

Pakistan Zindabad Youth Magazine’s editor is responsible for screening and editing all submissions and for responding to all queries and concerns. The views expressed in these videos and articles are not necessarily the views or opinions held by Pakistan Zindabad Youth Magazine.